Welcome to Coupled

Finding imagery to inspire our wedding plans is not only time consuming, matching suppliers to that inspiration involves trawling endless websites and magazines.

When we set out to create Coupled, we wanted to bring wedding suppliers together with planners in an inspirational, beautiful way that allows both parties to get exactly what they need.

Coupled brings beautiful, inspirational images to your handheld device enabling you to browse for images that have the right ‘feel’ and then discover suppliers who are able to deliver on that inspiration.

Just open up the app and you are presented with a truly inspirational journey that links beautiful imagery with quality suppliers, making wedding planning as wonderful an experience as the final event will be. You are given a straightforward swipe interface of stunning images, and when those images resonate, they can be shared; interacted with or moved to a mood board for use later.

Coupled App on iPhone

Getting your friends and family involved couldn’t be easier. The app lets you share you mood boards with other app users, giving everyone a chance to see what you love and where you can get it from. No adds – no interruptions, just beautiful inspiration.

Each supplier is hand selected, and not every supplier will make the grade just by having great images. Quality of service, products and being able to deliver are all part of what we look for, and only the very best get selected.

This is just the start, and there is plenty more to come from Coupled over the coming weeks and months.

Coupled on iPhone

Photography – Nadine van Biljon